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Cake Toppers / Photo Cakes

If you would like to add a photo topper to your cake here are a few pointers:

  1. Your image will be cropped, and the corners rounded off
    Photos by their nature are rectangles, and sometimes, squares. In order to fit them on top of our round cakes, we have to crop them to a square shape and round the edges off any photo in order to make it look right. The preview should give you an exact representation of what the finished product will look like.
  2. Avoid features on the extreme edges
    Related to the above, if you have anything at the edges of the image, then these are likely to be cut off. Check the preview to make sure it looks right.
  3. Avoid cropping or resizing your images too much (or at all)
    Our designer will allow you to ‘frame’ the image using zoom and nudges. We would recommend using this instead of cropping the images yourself. If the image you use is an odd shape or size then it may be much more difficult to find a framing that will work well. 
  4. Use a high quality image
    It is important to use a high quality file for your topper. Our recommended dimensions are a minimum of 1500 pixels on the shortest side of the image. We allow smaller, but the quality of the finished product will be compromised as a result. We accept most image formats. 
  5. Don’t use screenshots or photos of photos
    Please do not upload screenshots, or photos you have taken of other images. The quality is usually poor, or could contain extraneous parts that result in poor print quality.
  6. Make sure the images are yours to use
    We cannot verify the copyright of every image provided to us, so please make sure you're allowed to use the image before you submit it to us.
  7. Cake size matters
    If you are topping a ‘Sponge for 16’, they are quite a bit larger than our ‘Sponge For 8’ cakes, so you may need better imagery to cover the larger circumference. If you stick to the sizes above then that should easily accommodate both sizes of cake.
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