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Cake Card Photos

Cake Cards are a great way to send someone a very personalised surprise. Our site has the option to upload a photo or image for the card, which is a fantastic way to make it even more unique and special.

Here are a few tips if you are thinking of uploading your own Cake Card image:

  1. Use a portrait image
    Like a traditional greetings card, the cake card’s are in a portrait orientation, this will allow them to stand upright, perfect to add to your mantelpiece after the cakes are long gone.
  2. Allow a bit of wiggle room, avoid important features at the extremes
    Your card is likely to be jostled in transit, so the card insert which we print your image on may shift slightly. Allow around 5-10% wiggle room for your image, and avoid any important features close to the sides.
  3. Avoid cropping your image
    Related to the above, avoid cropping your image, the extra image at the sides can be beneficial for allowing wiggle room. 
  4. Use a high quality image
    It is important to use a high quality file for your cake card. Our recommended dimensions are a minimum of 1500 pixels on the shortest side of the image. We allow smaller, but the quality of the finished product will be compromised as a result. We accept both PNG and JPEG formats. Our maximum permitted file size is 4MB. You may need to resize the image. 
  5. Use the right proportions
    The optimal height to width ratio of the image is 1.5 (height):1 (width), eg 1333x2000 pixels. By using this ratio we do not need to apply extra cropping or zooming to your photo to fit the frame.
  6. Don’t use screenshots or photos of photos
    Please do not upload screenshots, or photos you have taken of other images. The quality is usually poor, or could contain extraneous parts that result in poor print quality.
  7. Use our print guide image
    If you are able to use an image editor (eg photoshop or similar), use our attached print guide image as a template to create an image with the correct proportions and minimal cropping. It will give you a good idea where the ‘safe area’ is for your image.
  8. Make sure the images are yours to use
    We cannot verify the copyright of every image provided to us, make sure you're allowed to use the image before you submit it to us.


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